Intensive Healing Retreat Policies & Procedures
The Intensive Healing Retreat at Sacred Healing Place (SHP) is not a vacation rental, but a therapeutic/clinical retreat experience.  • Arrive after 4:00 pm. Participants depart by 12:00 pm. • No one but the client (you) is allowed to stay at Sacred Healing Place. If you would like to be accompanied by a companion or guest, they must stay in a separate location off SHP’s property. • Whenever you leave the property of SHP during your stay (whether you’re going for a walk or meeting up with a friend or driving to the store), you are responsible for yourself and the activities you choose to participate in. • Pets, including support animals, are not allowed at SHP. • During your intensive retreat experience, if you wish to spend some of your free time with a friend or family member, please do so off property of SHP. However, it is recommended that you wait until your healing retreat is complete before visiting with others. • Only the client and healing practitioners scheduled for your intensive healing retreat are allowed to be on SHP property. • Sacred Healing Place is a non-smoking facility. • No parties, gatherings, or other social events are allowed anywhere on the property. • There is no TV at SHP, but you will have access to free Wi-Fi during your stay should you wish to explore the internet or stream a movie on your device. • Once you check-in and until you check-out, you are considered a client of SHP and your time with us is intended to be therapeutic and healing. • You will have a self-check-in process with a keypad entry system. • There is no cleaning service during your stay, but there is a stackable washer & dryer available for your use. • The room next to your bedroom is Lisha’s therapy office where EMDR Therapy will take place during your stay. When therapy isn’t happening, her office will remain locked. • Other healing treatments will take place in the living room of SHP. • You will have access to a fully equipped kitchen. And, you will have access to a private bathroom: — Tub and Shower — Hairdryer — Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner — Epsom Salts — Extra toiletries (e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) in case you forget to bring your own. • Lunch and dinner will be prepared and provided for you and delivered to your kitchen (based on your dietary needs/restrictions), but if you wish to prepare your own meals, you are welcome to do so. • Easy, healthy, organic breakfast items will be available to you: instant GF oatmeal, breakfast bars, berries, boiled eggs, and coffee/tea (Keurig coffee maker and an electric water kettle are available).  

Payment Process & Cancellation Policy

• Sacred Healing Place requires a 50% deposit for your Intensive Retreat reservation. The remaining balance will be automatically debited from your debit/credit card 10 days before arrival. • If you cancel 10 or more days prior to your arrival, you will be refunded 100% of your deposit. • If you cancel within 9 days or less of your arrival, you may re-schedule your retreat or receive a refund of your deposit less the cost of your first day/night of your retreat.  


Due to the 2019 outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, aka Covid-19, we are taking extra precautions with the intake of each client as well as increased sanitation and disinfecting procedures (in accordance with the guidelines of WA state and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), such as: — Use approved products — Sanitize every high-touch surface, down to the doorknob — Sanitize surfaces — Use cleaners approved by health experts, like disinfectants with 70% alcohol or higher — Thoroughly clean — Refer to our extensive checklists while cleaning room-by-room — Wear a mask and gloves — Help avoid cross-contamination by wearing a mask and gloves — Wash all linens — Wash linens at a high heat setting — Follow all other local guidance — Comply with local laws, including any additional safety or cleaning guidelines. — Symptoms of Covid-19 include but not limited to: fever, fatigue, dry cough, difficulty breathing. I agree to the following: • I understand the above symptoms and affirm that I, as well as household members, do not currently have, nor have experienced the above symptoms within the last 10 days. No fever for the past 24 hours. • I affirm that I, as well as household members, have not knowingly been exposed to anyone diagnosed with Covid-19 within the last 10 days. • I fully understand the risk that I am taking by being a willing participant to receive in-person psychotherapy and other healing services at Sacred Healing Place and I voluntarily accept that risk. By signing below, I agree to each of the above statements, and I understand and voluntarily accept the risk of exposure or harm due to Covid-19 or any other contagion. The therapists here at Sacred Healing Place, Inc. agree that they abide by these same standards and affirm the same. We also affirm that we have improved and expanded our sanitation protocols to more thoroughly fight the spread of Covid-19 and other communicable conditions.