Intensive Healing Disclosure
What are the benefits of Intensive Sessions vs. weekly one-hour sessions? The intensive format can help you clear limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that keep you from living your full potential at work and home. It also includes strengthening the strategies and beliefs that will help you overcome current challenges, and evolve to the best version of yourself, giving you confidence and a deep sense of purpose. This is because of time not spent on checking in at the beginning of each session, addressing current crises and concerns, focusing on stabilizing & coping skills that clients most likely won’t need after trauma healing, or assisting clients in regaining composure at the end of the session. Clients achieve their therapeutic goals faster than the more conventional method of weekly one hour sessions, which in the end, is more cost-effective. Are Intensive Sessions right for me? At the end of an hour-long initial intake & assessment appointment (done in person or via phone/video if you’re out of the area), we will discuss and determine if an Intensive Session is right for you. What modalities of treatment will you be using during an Intensive Session? A combination of EMDR Therapy, Ego State Therapy, Somatic (body) Awareness & Integration, Imaginal Nurturing, Visualization & Guided Meditation. Is one Intensive Session enough for complete healing? Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. The number of sessions is dependent on your history, coping skills, and ability to stay resourced during processing. For individuals with complex trauma histories and/or emotional dysregulation, there may be additional preparation/foundation work that we will do, and more time clearing the old programming. Resourcing gives you coping skills not just for the intensive session, but for life. We can’t skip resourcing or dealing with any resistance that comes up. That’s where we get some of the biggest impact on changing how you experience life now. These factors determine our pace and the rate of progress. Are there any follow-up sessions scheduled after an Intensive Session?  That will be determined at the end of your session. Are Intensive Sessions covered by insurance?  Unfortunately, no. How do I pay for an Intensive Session? After you’ve completed your intake and assessment session with me, you can reserve your Intensive Session time slot by paying a 50% deposit to hold your time slot.  You can pay in person or through my website at  Forms of payment accepted:  Cash, Check, Credit/Debit cards, HSA cards and PayPal.  There is a $50 discount for paying with cash. What is the cancellation policy? Due to the amount of time being held for you when we schedule your intensive session as part of your healing process, the cancellation policy is as follows: If you cancel your appointment with at least 5 days notice, your deposit will be refunded or applied toward a future, re-scheduled appointment. If you cancel, for any reason, with less than 5 days notice, your deposit will not be refunded, but can still be applied toward a future, re-scheduled appointment. Do I need to prepare for an Intensive Session ahead of time? Please get restful sleep the night before and avoid using unprescribed mood altering drugs and/or alcohol. Please also avoid using prescriptive level pain medications (Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet, etc.) on the day of your Intensive Session since these meds numb emotions which will prohibit trauma processing during the session. I will have water, tea, electrolyte powder and a few snacks, but please feel free to bring your favorite snacks and beverage. Dress comfortably since you’ll be sitting for several hours. What does after care look like? I highly recommend that clients use the rest of the day after an intensive session for self-care: take a warm bath, a walk in nature, a nap; eat a light, healthy dinner without any alcohol, drink plenty of water, and go to bed early that night. Your brain will continue its processing and integrating new information even after the session is over, so resting and/or taking a nap is highly recommended! I have read and understand the expectations and policies of Sacred Healing Place, Inc./Lisha Song, LMHC with my participating in Intensive Healing Sessions. By signing below, I am also giving consent to receive Intensive Healing Session treatment(s) from Lisha Song, LMHC. SIGNATURE BELOW: